Augmented Reality (AR)

A leading global Telecom consulting company in the UK sought Unbounded Future to advise them on an Augmented Reality based solution for Field services management of a leading Telecoms client. Unbounded Future provided advisory to the client’s CIO office in how emerging technology like Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated with the enterprise knowledge systems could bring a significant improvement in training, truck rolls reduction, improve first time fix. We advised the consulting company in developing the AR systems architecture, solution conception & creating a solutions team to deliver the AR solution. Unbounded Future designed an innovative solution with an initial proof-of-concept Augmented Reality app which would improve Field Service management. In initial testing with the Remote Field Services team, this app reduced the number of Field Engineers required for a repair as well as enhanced knowledge sharing between them. During this process, the client saw this as a unique tool to train for this unique use case was expensive which previously required several months of training and shadowing. With this new app, the client is now planning to reduce the training time for new Field Engineers by saving on excessive shadow training.

Digital Health

One of the largest consumer goods companies in the United Kingdom with several consumer brands
globally outside the healthcare market approached Unbounded Future to evaluate the Digital Health and wellness market with the intention to break into this market. Unbounded Future was asked to identify and assess key market segments, products and companies & prepare a final recommendation shortlist for strategic investments.

Unbounded Future did a deep dive into technology in key segments identified to evaluate the
scientific basis.With confirmation of the scientific evidence, Unbounded Future performed a detailed
company landscape of specific interest segments which led to identification of a few shortlists. A
final report of detailed technology investigations and commercial opportunity of the market
segments of interest was presented to the Board members subsequently leading to an active
investment interest in the shortlisted company by the Venture & Acquisition team.

A leading United Kingdom based charity which provides services to children and millennial approached Unbounded Future to brainstorm new ways to generate interest among donors and identify new sources for income generation. The charity wanted to find innovative ways to connect with millennial donors whose ways to engage particularly via digital channels were different from their traditional older donors.

Unbounded Future performed an analysis of their digital assets and identified that digital engagement needed to be rethought and brought up-to-date. Unbounded Future identified training program focused on Augmented Reality to increase awareness of newer methods of using such technologies for generating engagement on digital channels. As a starting point this required a cultural change starting with the Senior Leadership and an executive-level. Unbounded Future provided executive training on AR to align the organisation & have a common understanding of some of the AR concepts. Two ideation workshops were run to focus on key
messages, storyboards, emotions, concepts & assess the organisational impact of deploying an AR
experience. At the end of this part of the program, the client achieved a very targeted concept for an
AR app with a clear Call to Action for their next marketing campaign to raise funds.

Tech ForeSight

A global FMCG company sought Unbounded Future futuristic outlook to shape their strategic vision & emerging technologies thinking to guide future investment areas for their core and non-core businesses. The client’s goal was to understand which emerging technology trends will impact their business in terms of products, operations & consumer expectations. They also had a blind spot in trends in Asia on which they needed a realistic view.

Unbounded Future tapped into it’s network of forward thinkers, academia & industry contacts in target innovation hubs to provide a futuristic outlook & delivered a radar map driven by changes in society, environment & technology. Unbounded Future was able to bring local knowledge of existing experts in these innovation hubs to identify key market and technology trends. We provided the
client with short term to long term view in several categories that were tailored to the client’s business.

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